David Laboga

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For a lot of musicians a cable is just a cable. If someone had a chance to compare David Laboga Cables with other cables knows that a cable has a lot of influence on tone.

People invest a lot of money to improve their tone. They get new guitars, amplifiers, effects, etc.but they connect everything with the wrong cables which cutting the sound, don’t reduce noise and the whole investment doesn’t pay off like it should.

Our cooperation with experienced musicians like Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Campbel, Al Di Meola, the bands like Vader, Annihilator, The Rasmus, and many many other great musicians, enabled us to fully understand the needs of musicians and their expectations not just in tone quality, but also with the life span of our cables. This is why DL Cables have a lifetime warranty.

We found a way to create cables for musicians with high expectations who are looking for the right tone and feel safe on stage.

"DL Cables" are made of the highest quality materials, which were chosen and tested carefully so that it produces the best tone and lifespan. The cables are produced with a special oxygen free materials with an addition of our "secret." I’m not going to go on about it because the tone is all that matters. Our cables give the best sound quality and have the respect of leading musicians around the world. The mixture of elements that is used in our cables is charactarized by all the sound coming through being broader and warmer.

The warranty of the highest quality jacks, which are used in our cables, it guaranteed by G&H and Neutrik.