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Our Philosophy is and has always been, to treat electric basses fundamentally and in the first instance, as acoustic instruments. By combining the properties of selected tone woods and bespoke hardware, to create an instrument that offers a naturally resonant response, balanced across the frequency range and with a fundamental tonality that comes directly from the materials from which the instrument is constructed.

Overwater electronics are usually ‘flat response’ when in the neutral position – meaning there is no colouration or pre-shape to the sound until the EQ section is engaged. Designed to produce a clean, quiet, full range output signal and offer the player a versatile and usable means of adjusting the tone and dynamics their sound, Overwater electronics are never the less configured as a conduit by which the natural character of the instrument and that of the player, can be transferred accurately to their chosen means of amplification.

Our aim is to offer the player the means by which to express themself without compromise. We have worked with musicians from all musical, cultural and stylistic backgrounds, learning directly from them as players, and enabling us to develop a range of basses that will fit into most styles of music and playing situations.

Design excellence and innovation has always been part of the Overwater philosophy and the Overwater name has become synonymous with some of the finest hand crafted bass guitars in the world – and to date over four thousand instruments have been built by the Overwater team in the UK.

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