Trading and Selling / Consignment


We consider trades towards the purchase of most of our instruments. Occasionally, we also purchase instruments outright.

However, it should be noted that due to the cost of investing money until it’s sold and assuming other risks, such as market changes etc., trading or outright purchase usually will not yield the highest return for your instruments.

That being said, we understand the advantages of trading:

  1. To utilize the value of your current instrument immediately, so that it is possible to purchase your dream guitar before it’s sold to someone else. Trading somehow makes the most sense in consideration of the costs in time and money of advertising and selling an instrument yourself.

  2. To eliminate the frustration and potential loss associated with inconsiderate, untruthful, and possibly unscrupulous buyers.

We are experts in valuing instruments and make every attempt to determine fair trade values.
Our focus is on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers, not on one single transaction.

If you are considering a trade towards one of our instruments, or would like to discuss an outright purchase of your instrument, please fill in the Price Quote Form below or drop us an email at with your name and the corresponding details.

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Selling / Consignment

Anytime Music supports young luthiers who want to sell their guitars fast, and with no hassle. Our loyal and active international clientele depends on us to provide them with the finest high-end instruments in the world.

Our comparative advantage as a dealer:

  1. Customized and effective marketing for your brand, from professional product shot to recording that insure the uniqueness and true voice of your instrument can be reflected as it is meant to be

  2. Exposure on our well-designed website and social media sites including Facebook and Instagram with frequent visitors around the world

  3. Instrument being displayed in the best condition after thorough cleaning, restringing, and setting up to perfection.

  4. Many of our valued clients are on our watchlist waiting for specific guitars to arrive. If your instrument matches their request, we notify them of its availability the instant it arrives.

  5. Professional staffs that are all professionals with experience in the music industry including guitarists and recording studio

Our consignment commission rates are as follows:

Up to $14,999 — 25%

$15,000 to $29,999 — 20%

$30,000 to $49,999 — 18%

$50,000 to $74,999 — 15%

$75,000 and higher — 12%

The commission is deducted from the proceeds upon the sale of the instrument.

There is a Multimedia Fee per instrument of USD100 for modern instruments and USD150 for vintage instruments built prior to 1970, which require in-depth inspection and appraisal. The Multimedia Fee covers cleaning, restringing, minor setup, recording by one of our professional players, photography, demo and online promotion, listing on our website and social media sites. This fee is due prior to listing and is not refundable.

Please fill in the Selling / Consignment Form below or drop us an email at with your name and the corresponding details.

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We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.