Waterloo by Collings Guitars

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There's a certain rawness to it. It's a sound that has grit. There is a lightness and an unrefined quality that you rarely find in guitars being made today. You have a quick, dry attack, but there's also an unruliness to it. Some of that will develop over time as a guitar matures, but a lot of this sound has to do with the bracing and design.

A lot of luthiers today try to tune out the nuances of a guitar, and there is definitely a place for that, but I don't think a guitar needs to be completely balanced and even from end to end to be a great guitar. Some of the notes may be the guitar's best and some may be the guitar's worst. It may not be the same voice from one end of the instrument to the other, but there's a use in that guitar. Some might say it's what gives a guitar character.